"Japanese News" in a Cultural Space of Ukraine.

And "Ukrainian News" in a Cultural Space of Japan.


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New information added
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What's New on "Japanese Page" and not only...

In this section you can read about the latest updates of the information published on the Web site. In occasion of especially important events we publish official press releases, which list below the news lines.

In any case - if you looked on us earlier and wish to find out, what changes have occurred on the web site since  your last visiting time, please begin viewing the site starting with this section.

The Last News Lines

10.05.2008 -- Winter-Spring of 2008: What's New on the Site
During Winter-Spring of 2008 a new information was being added on a regular basis. We not always had time to inform you about it just in time. Now we inform you about the last changes - with some delay. More >>
11.12.2007 -- Summer-Autumn-Winter of 2007: What's New on the Site
During the last months a new information was being added on a regular basis. We not always had time to inform you about it just in time. Now we inform you about the last changes - with some delay. More >>
07.08.2007 -- Mr. Arima self-supported transcontinental motor travel
The information posted today is about the transcontinental adventure motor travel of Ryutaro Arima, 32-year old Japanese cake baker and motorist-adventurer who 5 years lived in France and decided to go home to Japan by such unusual way.  More >>
15.11.2006 -- "I Am a Cat" Ukrainian translator got The Order of Rising Sun
Today in Ukrainian section of the web site is published the text of novel written by the Japanese author Natsume Sōseki "I Am a Cat" (Wagahai wa neko de aru) translated by Ivan Dzjub in Ukrainian.  More >>
22.07.2006 -- A Book about Ukraine from Japan
Today we had been added the information on the book about Ukraine written by Japanese author Motohiro Ono. The book was written after his yearlong stay in Ukraine.  More >>
22.07.2006 -- Recent updating of the site
Within spring of 2006 and this summer last months we constantly was being updated the site, not always having time to inform about it every time. More >>
06.04.2006 -- About Japanese Calligraphy
A page about Japanese Calligraphy posted in the Russian-language section of the website. More >>
31.12.2005 -- Radio page added
Today to Japanese section of the web site added radio-page for Japanese who would like to listen Ukrainian radio. More >>
31.12.2005 -- The "Ukraine-Japan Society" page added
Today the section "The Japanese Ukraine" is updated. "Ukraine-Japan Society" page added. More >>
25.12.2005 -- "Happy New Year!" page added
Today is posted a page "Happy New Year!" with Japanese virtual post cards you can send to your friends. More >>
21.12.2005 -- Support the project!
Added a section (now only in Russian) with the information for the persons who interested in supporting the project. More >>
22.11.2005 -- "Events" section updated
Today the section "Events" is updated on the web site. More >>
18.11.2005 -- We have got the letter of support from Secretary of the President
Today we have got a letter shows a support from The Secretary of the President of Ukraine of one of our last initiatives in the framework of our web site activity.  More >>
18.11.2005 -- "Rakugo" photos added
Have been added a photos of "Rakugo" performance in Kiev.  More >>
27.09.2005 -- Cultural events section updated
The web site section of Japanese cultural events of Kiev is updated.  More >>
30.08.2005 -- 21 Japanese wrote to Ukrainian President
The questions to the President of Ukraine, received from Japanese visitors of the web site "Japanese Page" during recent visit to Japan of Victor Yushchenko, already are in the Secretary of the President.  More >>
25.08.2005 -- About celebrating Ukraine Independence Day - in the Japanese language
In honor of The Day of Independence of Ukraine taken place yesterday "Japanese Page" has posted in the Japanese part of the web site the brief story about this holiday. More >>
19.07.2005 -- We have begun the on-line Japanese visitors poll on the occasion of President Yushchenko visit to Japan!
The President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko visit to Japan on July 20 - 23, 2005. "Japanese Page" has decided to be not standing aside of this important event. More >>
21.06.2005 -- We have begun the publication of author's materials
"Japanese Page" has begun the publication of author's works on the site. More >>
13.06.2005 -- About Ukraine in EXPO 2005
To Japanese version of the site is added a page about Ukrainian exposition on EXPO 2005. More >>
22.05.2005 -- We have the first visitors statistics
Today we have got the preliminary analysis of the web site visitors statistics. More >>
17.05.2005 -- The new section created "Found in the Web"
Today we have opened new section "Found in the Web", devoted to finds of our readers. More >>
06.05.2005 -- All of 4 lingual versions are available!
The English, Ukrainian, Russian and Japanese versions of the Website are accessible to visitors. More >>
22.04.2005 -- The Web Site has got a permanent address in the Web
The site has got domain name and already has a permanent address in the web.  More >>
05.03.2005 -- Birthday of "Japanese Page"!
The Web site is placed in the web and has entered into the test operation. We begin the testing of a web site on a server. More >>
25.01.2005 -- The Beginning of Creation of New Web Site
Dreams Come True Foundation has started creation of  "Japanese Page". More >>

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Press releases

Here will be  the press releases of official news of our Web site which we have published during the year. You also can try to find the necessary information by search of information you interested with a keyword or a key-phrase.

  • Date -- Press release
  • Date -- Press release
  • Date -- Press release

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The Japanese Page in the Media

As "Japanese Page" was only issued, there are no many mass media publications in English about us now. There is only one publication in English up today but we hope, that as soon as the media feed back will be more and we shall have a pleasure  to inform you on it.

You can read about it in this section of our Web site. And to be well informed about all our news, look on more often!



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