"Japanese News" in a Cultural Space of Ukraine.

And "Ukrainian News" in a Cultural Space of Japan.


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Japanese Ukraine

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Why "Japanese Ukraine"?

The Japanese realities are present today at Ukraine everywhere. You know Japan is very far from Ukraine geographically, but products of its industry fill all the country, Ukrainian students  study Japanese in the Universities and language schools, one can see a lot of Japanese cars all around on Ukrainian streets, and at an each corner in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities opens numerous Japanese restaurants and Sushi-bars.

We have decided, that it is impossible to ignore the phenomenon of presence a lot of "particles" of Japan in a life of this country. Seeing the deep stream bearing in Ukraine the culture, knowledge and traditions of the Land of the Rising Sun, we could blench the facts of this public phenomenon and have decided to open on our web site a heading "The Japanese Ukraine", having devoted it to this most interesting phenomenon of presence numerous "islands" of Japan of Ukrainians daily life at the beginnings of 21 Century.

The Ukraine-Japan Society  
Island of friendship and a cultural exchange between Ukraine and Japan. The Ukraine-Japan Society is the public organization which many years brings the contribution to development of good-neighborhood relations between our countries. 

Japan by the Ukrainians eyes 
The Rising Sun... Stone Garden... Tragic destiny of the Samurai... "Beauty tinged with sadness"... Sakura and Fujiyama... What is this for Ukrainian mind? Is it simple words or result of the external influence? Why do these words become part of our life in Ukraine? Is it a contribution to the fashion or reflection of our internal world?

Twin Cities 
Many years exist twin-cities relationship between the cities of Ukraine and Japan.

"Japanese Kiev"  
You know "All roads leads to Rome", but according to old Russian proverb: "The tongue leads to Kiev" (You can get everywhere if you know how to use your tongue). On pages of our web site it can be paraphrased so: "Japanese Page" can lead you to all places in Kiev, anyway connected with Japan, its habits, culture, art, goods, services, traditions  is shorter, with all that directly or indirectly concerns Japan in the capital of Ukraine.

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