"Japanese News" in a Cultural Space of Ukraine.

And "Ukrainian News" in a Cultural Space of Japan.


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To be interested in Japan became very popular now. There are many Ukrainians who give the free time for pursuing this hobby. The spectrum of hobbies is so wide that is not easy to throw light upon all to display. Art of Japan, Culture, the Japanese Language, Martial Arts of the Land of the Rising Sun, Poetry and the Literature of Japan etc. are become most popular from students up to housewives. Many Ukrainians learn, even, exotic recipes of dishes of the Japanese cuisine, dream of heroes of Japanese anime or personages of Haruki Murakami novels.

We shall try to acquaint the readers of pages of our website with this inexhaustible subject. These materials of course will be published here in a process of their reception.

We shall be very grateful to you, dear our readers, if you will send us interesting materials  been found in the web and to proposed to share with us and other visitors who has an interest about Japan.

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