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Links to English Web Sites about Japan

Below you can see links to English resources the Internet.

If you have an interest of thematic resources of Japan in the Ukrainian, Russian or Japanese languages, you can use the sections "Links" located in the Ukrainian, Russian or Japanese versions of the Web site.

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Web Search Engines


The goal of Yahoo! Search is to discover and index all of the content available on the web to provide the best possible search experience to users.


Excite is the leading personalization Web portal, featuring world-class search, content and functionality. From financial portfolios to sports scores, local weather forecasts to movie listings, Excite gathers what matters most to you every day. It's like your very own online personal assistant.


In addition to providing easy access to billions of web pages, Google has many special features to help you to find exactly what you're looking for.


Come home to MSN, the world's most popular Internet destination. Our world-class services such as MSN Hotmail, MSN Messenger, MSN Search, Communities, Chat, Shopping, and Personal Finance are provided in many languages. Enjoy your favorite local content in your own language and settle into a familiar, friendly home on the Web.

Japanese Search Engines 
At There exist a huge number of Japanese search engines, perhaps more than 1000 search engines in different categories, because Japan is the world's second most important internet market after USA.

Japanese Search Engines 
At There exist a huge number of Japanese search engines, perhaps more than 1000 search engines in different categories, because Japan is the world's second most important internet market after USA.

Find Japan search engines with Search Engine Colossus
ALCARNA Nihongo (Osaka, Osaka-fu), ASIABOT English Search the Asian country of Japan! [spider] (Seoul, Seoul Province, South Korea), BLUE FIND English Worldwide directory of websites which lists parallel useful websites! (Kure, Hiroshima-ken), DOKODA Nihongo Internet search engine! (Bellevue, Washington, Gasshukoku), GOO Nihongo (Tokyo, Tokyo-to), GOOGLE Nihongo Gain access to Japan's websites and Google's general database! [kumo] (Mountainview, California, Gasshukoku), INFOSEEK Nihongo [kumo], JAPAN.CO.JP English A web guide of of Japan-related, non-Japanese language websites! [clean index], JICOO Nihongo Japan search directory!, LOOKSMART Nihongo, MOSHIX2 English US-Japan internet homepage! (Bellevue, Washington, United States), MSN SEARCH Nihongo Connecting you to the answers and information you're looking for - Japan sites only, or World search! [kumo] (Redmond, Washington, Gasshukoku),

"Asiaco Japan" is a searchable index dedicated to those who want to know more about Asia and the internet. We programmed our search engine to look for documents containing the exact words you entered into the query box. In returns, goes further and looks for ideas related to the words in your query. This help your search all the related information with ease.

The Gate of Japanese
You can see Japanese web sites without having a Japanese system. You have nothing to install in your system, but you probably need fast network and a good software environment. The quality of the image files is so low that enlarging them doesn't help much for you to learn Japanese characters. The quality, however, is enough to read for anyone who knows Japanese characters.

Babel Fish Translation
On-line Translator with Japanese and other languages

STATISTICs bureau of Japan 
Search information about Japan in Japanese statistical Data Base one of the most up-to-date statistical data in English ahead of all other sources 
Place to find or to add a site: Art Dealers directory. Featured Art Dealers sites. Editor review and professional Art Dealers critics...and not only. Japan
Japan Search Engine: guide to Japan internet, job, business, travel, venture capital and Japan online directory.

The free news source you can write! A group of volunteers whose mission is to present reliable, unbiased, relevant and entertaining News on English, Ukrainian, Japanese, Russian  and other languages.

Japan Directory of Professional Associations - JDPA
This is the home page of JDPA Online. Over 9,000 Japanese associations, societies, institutes, centers, laboratories and similar organizations in Japan are listed. You are welcomed to view the index pages. Just click on the appropriate letter in the column on the left. For example, "The Art and Music Appreciation Association" (not a real society) would be listed under "A". It would also be listed in the subject list under "Art" and also under "Music". This society might have the Japanese name "Geijutsu to Ongaku Kansho Kyokai"; and would thus also be listed under "G" in the alfa list. You can see all index pages, but only JDPA subscribers (password required) will be able to go through the links to see contact details. Contact details consist of: Organization name in English, Organization name in romaji*, Department, Building, Street/block address, City/prefecture, Postal code, Telephone, Facsimile, Email, URL. Some records contain additional information on the organization. Some URLs lead to websites that are partly or totally in English, but other websites contain very little or no English. Some websites also have pages in other languages such as Korean, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, etc.

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Japan/Ukraine Intercultural Web Sites  and related information 

Japanese page
Friendly Web Site about Japan available in Ukrainian, Russian, Japanese and English. You can find here a lot of interesting, useful and amazing information about the Land of the Rising Sun by Dreams Come True Foundation, Kiev, Ukraine. Having dived into the Ukrainian Internet, we were understood, that it is a place is not too reach of the resources related to Japan. Therefore we have solved to create the "Page" about Japan to fill the important missing part in the Internet-space of Ukraine.

Welcome to Japanese Association for Ukrainian Studies!
Japanese Association for Ukrainian Studies (JAUS) (Japons'ka Asotsiatsija Ukrajinistiv) is an institution aimed for development of Ukrainian studies in Japan and fellowship with each other. It's open to anybody who is interested in Ukraine. In June 1994, a preparatory assembly had held at University of Tokyo, and so far, conferences were held six times. 1st conference was in November 1996, and the most recent conference was in May 1997.

Festival "Ukrainian and Japanese culture of the 21 century"
The main purpose of the Festival is the dialog between Ukrainian and Japanese cultures. Cultures that have the richest traditions are actively developing now. The insignia of this dialog is that it is realizing on universal human values while not mentioning to the difference in historical, ethnic, sociological factors, which have influence on Ukrainian and Japanese cultures. It opens huge possibilities for their mutual exchange and enrichment. The festival promotes informing big amount of people about national and cultural peculiarities of their development. The purpose of the Festival is also the development of brotherhood ties between Kiev and Kyoto, creative, economical and sporting exchanges not only between our cities, but also between our countries.

Japanese Bandurist from Edmonton Charlie Sakuma
You've never seen anything like this. This Japanese Canadian shows wonderful bandura skills in real playing bandura. (Video from

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Web Sites about Ukraine
UKRAINEEXPRESS Project is developed for presentation of the most full, actual and detailed information about Ukraine, its economic attraction for the international cooperation, about investment opportunities and prospects and development of the external economic relations.
Best accommodation in Ukraine for rent and sale in the cities of Kiev, Odessa and Crimean regions.

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Web Sites about Japan

Japan Zone
Japan Travel Guide, Japanese Popular Culture, History and Japanese Etiquette

Kids Web Japan is a site that introduces Japan to schoolchildren aged between 10 and 14 who live in other countries. We would be delighted if this site was used as a supplementary source of information for school lessons on Japan or by families to learn about Japan together
Japan Travel and Living Guide. Everything about modern and traditional Japan with emphasis on travel and living related information

A look into Japan
ALL ABOUT JAPAN: Tokyo, Kyoto, Fuji Mount, Culture of Japan, Photos of Japan, The Site of the Month, A Quiz about Japan, Multithematic, Japanese Horoscope, Japanese e-Cards, Guest Book, Japanese Web

The Japan FAQ: Know Before You Go
Your Complete Guide To Life In Japan! The Complete Guide to Working, Visiting, and Living in Japan. Japan, Japanese culture, gaijin, living in Japan, work in Japan, foreigner in Japan, moving to Japan, teaching in Japan, studying in Japan, Japan travel, Japan visa, Japan tourism, Japan vacation, Japanese customs, Japan misconceptions, employment in Japan, Japan shopping, Japanese girls, Japan Web Guide.

Japan FAQ--Japanese Manners and Etiquette
Important info on Japanese manners, etiquette, and culture for non-Japanese. Japanese manners, Japanese etiquette, Japanese society, culture shock, Japanese food, Japanese girls, Japanese attitudes, gaijin.

Japan Blog
Japan Blog gets in-depth about all things Japanese, covering the arts, entertainment, culture, technology, news and its people.

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Job in Japan and overseas where Japanese language skills are required
Jobs for people who seek employment where Japanese language skills are required. Offering a job search, resume posting, and a free job alert service.

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Japanese Language
Online Japanese Language:  Culture Resource Community

Learn How to Speak Japanese - Japanese Words and Phrases
Learn to Speak Real Japanese with Useful Words and Effective Phrases used in Everyday Conversations.

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English Web Sites of foreigners associations in Japan

Russian in Japan
Welcome to "Russian in Japan" - the most friendly, hilarious, and delicious place in Japanese+Russian virtuality! This site is emerging driven by the enthusiasm and an urge for communication of many Russian people living currently in Japan. Come and join the fun - Russian-in-Japan!

Russian Club in Tokyo (Japan) 
Independent organization that unites Russian-speaking residents in Tokyo and all-arround-Japan.

russian tokyo
Tokyo Russian Community Web Site

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Personal Home Pages

Philipp & Midori
Russian Japanese family page. S-Peterburg.

Images of Japan 
by Olga Dmitrieva. Amazing Photos from Japan - Nature, People, Festivals, City, Still Life, Macro, Temples, Stories

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Japan related Web Sites

Jp net
Japanese Language and Cultural Network

An Unofficial Price List of Everyday Items in Tokyo. Tokyo is known to be expensive. Search for "Cost of LIving Tokyo" on your favorite search engine and you'll find surveys saying Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world.

Metropolis Tokyo :: Japan's No. 1 English Magazine
Japan Today Specials | Classifieds | Jobfinder | Tokyo Guide | Directory | Forum Friends
My name is Arudou Debito (in Kanji ),  formerly David Christopher Aldwinckle, born 1965 in the United States, Permanent Resident of Japan from 1996, and naturalized Japanese citizen from 2000. Father of two with a Japanese woman and employed as a tenured instructor at a university in Hokkaido, I bought land and built a house out in the countryside in 1997, which was the main reason I took Japanese citizenship. This website is about life in Japan from the viewpoint of one American-born writer residing in Sapporo, Japan, both before and after he became a naturalized Japanese citizen. It may interest people who want to know more about Japan, and how it affects residents who have the appearance and/or status of non-Japanese.
Official web site of Japanese American National Museum. The Japanese American National Museum has built a world-class institution, accredited by the American Association of Museums and an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution. Our Members represent many different ethnic backgrounds and come from every state in America and 17 countries around the world.

Japan Society of San Diego and Tijuana
The mission of the Japan Society of San Diego and Tijuana (JSSDT) is to promote goodwill and advance business, civic, educational, and cultural interchange and understanding between the people of Japan, San Diego, and Tijuana.

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Traditional Art and Literature of Japan

The Tokyo National Museum collects, houses, and displays a comprehensive collection of art works and antiquities from Japan as well as other Asian countries. The museum also conducts research and investigations concerning its collection of books, rubbings, and photographs, related to fine art, and makes these items available to scholars

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Web Sites Catalogues about Japan

Japan Reference (JREF)
Your Guide to Japan in English. JREF helps you to generate reliable search results by mining for hidden data related to almost every aspect of Japan. We are constantly trying to provide you with extensive and useful web resources.

Web Japan
Gateway for All Japanese Information.

Open directory: Japan
Japan section (English) of Open Directory Project - the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors.

Japan Yellow Pages - The Official Japan Business Directories
JAPAN YELLOW PAGES is classified English Telephone Directory. Fax numbers, E-mail address and URL are listed. The most comprehensive and informative Business Japan Site.
Japan Complete Guide. Keywords list: "Japan", "Airfare To Japan", "Army Japan", "Autos Japan", "Books On Japan", "Business In Japan", "Call Japan", "Call To Japan", "Calling From Japan", "Camera Japan", "Character Japan", "Cheap Flight To Japan", "Cheap Tickets To Japan", "Edo Japan", "En Japan", "Esl Japan", "Flags Of Japan", "Flights To Japan", "Flowers Japan", "Hiroshima Japan", "History Of Japan", "Hobby Japan", "Holiday Japan", "Hotel Japan", "Hotels In Japan", "Japan Accomodation", "Japan Adult Movie", "Japan Air Line", "Japan Airlines", "Japan Calling Card", "Japan Car Import", "Japan Cars", "Japan Cell", "Japan Classifieds", "Japan Club", "Japan Events", "Japan Export", "Japan Flower", "Japan Friends", "Japan Import", "Japan Import Cars", "Japan Inc", "Japan Info", "Japan Karate Association", "Japan Living", "Japan Market Research", "Japan Merchandise", "Japan Okinawa", "Japan Personal", "Japan Pictures", "Japan Politics", "Japan Porn", "Japan Print", "Japan Prints", "Japan Radio", "Japan Radio Company", "Japan Shop", "Japan Shopping", "Japan Single", "Japan Tourist", "Japan Trademark", "Japan Translate", "Japan Travel", "Japan Travel Agency", "Japan TV", "Jobs In Japan", "Lady Japan", "Magazine Japan", "Marketing In Japan", "Medical Japan", "Meiji Japan", "Move To Japan", "Nagoya Japan", "Osaka Japan", "Penpals Japan", "Personals Japan", "Phone Cards Japan", "Pictures Of Japan", "Porcelain Japan", "Shipping To Japan", "Shopping In Japan", "Singles Japan", "Study Abroad Japan", "Teach English In Japan", "Teach In Japan", "Teaching Japan", "Technology Japan", "Tickets To Japan", "Tokyo Japan Hotel", "Travel To Japan", "Work Japan".

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Directories and Encyclopedias of Japanese Issues

Japanese Museum Information  by Internet Museum (Japan)  
List of Japanese museum basic information and URL information. If you look for Japanese Museum related information, variety of search system here would be helpful! Internet Museum maintains 7000 museum information database in Japan. You can search the database in your way. 

Japan - from Asahi to Zen
Traditional terms, and a pop culture glossary through the eyes of a raw gaijin.

Statistical Handbook of Japan 2006
Statistical Handbook of Japan 2006 (SHJ) is designed to provide a clear and coherent overview of present-day Japan through statistics. It provides statistical tables, charts, maps, and photographs to portray conditions in modern-day Japan from a variety of perspectives, including demographics, economic and social trends, and culture. Most of the comments and statistical data for this purpose have been drawn from principal statistical publications available from government and other leading sources. SHJ is published annually in August or September. (Edited by Statistical Research and Training Institute, and published by Statistics Bureau.).

Teikoku Databank America
Japan Business Search, Japanese Company Database. Teikoku Databank America provides the most up-to-date business information on Japanese corporate, industry, market, and economic data.

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Forums about Japan forum 
Forum about Japan. Questions, Discussions, Experiences, Friendship, Classifieds

Yahoo! Groups : Japanese-Students-Online
Welcome to Japanese Students online in Yahoo! Groups - Free, easy email groups. Japanese Students Online is a forum where students of Japanese (and anyone who is interested in Japan) can discuss any aspect of Japanese language, culture and history. forum - Ukraine
Forum for Ukrainians and about Ukraine in Ukraine Message Boards, Questions, Ukraine Classified Ads, Searching New Friends, Lost Friends, Language Exchange.

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Free Mailing about Japan

Yahoo! Groups : japanese
This list is for people that are learning Japanese at any level or want to help those learning. Messages are in English and/or Japanese. Don't be shy. Ask things and send information and tips from your experience as a beginner or expert. Sometimes a beginner can help a beginner better than someone that's forgotten how it was to learn! :-)

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News Resources about Japan

Japan Today
Japan's largest English news and information portal > ENGLISH
 Nation| Politics| World| Business| Op-Ed| Sports| Arts| Life Style

Nikkei Net Interactive - Japan Business News Online
Japan's leading financial newspaper offers the latest business news from Tokyo, including 120 stories daily, stock quotes for all listed companies, The Nikkei Weekly Online and more.

Mainichi interactive
Mainichi Daily News. News of Japan as it happens.

Daily Yomiuri On-Line
Yomiuri Shinbun Newspaper company official web site (English).

Kyodo News - English
Kyodo News on the Web: Daily international, Japan news, Japan News, national and local news coverage from the newspaper, breaking news updates, technology news, sports, reviews, listings.

The Japan Times Online
The Japan Times is Japan's leading English-language daily newspaper.

A Japanese Ukrainian?
Not exactly. Ivanka, an eighteen-year-old Ukrainian beauty, was "discovered" by a photographer on a New York City subway and recruited as a model for the Japanese magazine MORE. It's a little late to pick up your copy of the February 2001 issue, but the next time you're in Tokyo, you might catch a glimpse of Ivanka on the pages of other Japanese fashion mags. (UkraiNewstand at BRAMA -- Community Press Releases)

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Other Links

Study In Japan Comprehensive Guide
This Web site is produced and operated by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is a site that provides comprehensive information regarding studying in Japan.
Hello and welcome to the site devoted to Kyoko Otonashi. You will find here everything you ever wanted to know about that Maison Ikkoku character... This site does not pretend to be exhaustive nor without mistakes, though... And anyway, everything I write here is strictly my own personal opinion...^_^

YUNA-JAPAN, INC. - Music Agency
The web site of YUNA-JAPAN, INC. a classical music agency with head office in Sapporo, Japan. The YUNA-JAPAN, INC. concert management activities are handled by its largest division YUNA-JAPAN, INC. Artists that manage several high profile musicians, ensembles and orchestras.

International Go Newsletter.
Alexandre's Dinerchtein site. First russian professional, from 1997 living in S.Korea will be glad to find new students. I will not teach you how to make the ideal shapes or get pleasure from your moves. I will teach you how to win your games! English, Korean and Russian speaking players are welcome!

Ukrainian  Orthoodox  Church  Kyivan  Patriarcharate
Although founded by a group of Ukrainian expatriates, our community is open to people of any nationality. All who come with sincere intent, whether or not they are Orthodox or Christian, are welcome, and all who attend, whether or not they are Ukrainian, will have a good chance to make friends as we worship together according to the ancient Christian tradition, and together explore how to apply the wisdom of Christian teachings to our lives in today's world.

College Study Abroad
Expand your college education by studying in Barcelona, Granada, Paris, Florence, London, Sydney, and Buenos Aires. GSE offers summer, quarter, semester, and academic year programs.

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