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Month of Japan in Ukraine
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September, 13 - 15 2013

Festival “YaponoManiya-2013”

The extensive program of the festival includes shows, lectures, exhibitions and sales, and master classes.

Kiev, Exhibition center “KievExpoPlaza”
 (2-b, Salutna Street)





October, 20 - 21 2012

Festival “YaponoManiya”

The extensive program of the festival includes shows, lectures, exhibitions and sales, and master classes.

Kiev, Exhibition center “KievExpoPlaza”
 (2-b, Salutna Street)


March, 6 - 7 2010


This year the ikebana exhibition is dated for two holidays which almost simultaneously celebrate in Japan and Ukraine: Japanese holiday - Girl’s Day (March, 3rd) and  holiday of women - International Women's Day (March, 8th).

Kiev, Art Museum named after Bohdan and Varvara Hanenko
 (17, Tereschenkivska Street)


August - October  2009

Month of Japan in Ukraine

Festival of the Japanese cinema and exhibition-presentation of the Japanese culture (15.10 - 18.10).

Japan Foundation's Mobile Exhibition "Japan in the nature" (20.08-20.09)



April, 16 - August, 14  2009

Revelations of Chernobyl

23 years have passed since the nuclear incident at Chernobyl in April 1986. The known Japanese cameraman Jun Nakasuji Exhibition "Revelations of Chernobyl" is a journalistic record of a visit to the area around the site of the incident.

TOKYO, Other cities


December, 13 - 14  2008

New Year's master classes

Workshops of New Year traditional Japanese decoration  “kadomatsu”, “shimekazari” and packing of gifts in the Japanese techniques

13-14.12.2008  14.00-8.00:  Kiev (tel. 8-096-23-56-991)


December, 22  2007

10 Anniversary of Anime in Ukraine

In the Program: Celebratory concert; Results of Competition "The Crystal Penguin"; Kendo & Iaido Demonstration; "Ms. Crystal Power" Show; Armature Video Clips Competition; Fan-Art Exposition; Documentary Film "Ukrainian-Japanese Center"; Japanese Tea Ceremony.

17:00 - "KPI": Kiev, Prospekt Peremohy, 37


July, 29 - August, 7  2007

From France to Japan. Stopping at to Ukraine

Kiev impressed the Japanese traveler-extremeness.

Ukrainian House


Jun, 21 2007

"Japanese Evening"

«Ukrainian-Japanese Center» Project Anniversary

Ukrainian House


April, 7 2007

Japanese Calligraphy Art School  "Hokushin" opens in Kiev

Japanese Calligraphy Art School "Hokushin"  founded by world famous calligraphy painter Ryuseki Morimoto now opens doors in Ukraine

Ukrainian-Japanese Centre in KPI


March, 26 - April, 1 2007

World of Ukrainian Egg Decoration

Hryhorij Dyczok Pysanka Art Exhibition in Japan.

Gallery Ginza (TOKYO)


March, 13 2007

Keiko Matsui is back in Kyiv

The Japanese smooth jazz diva, Keiko Matsui, is returning to Kyiv, this time to play a set from her new album, “Heart and Soul,” which will be released worldwide April 24, 2007.

19:00 -  International Center of Culture and Arts (October Palace)


October -  December 2006

Month of Ukraine in Japan

Practically simultaneously with "Month of Japan in Ukraine" will pass "Month of  Ukraine in Japan". Japanese people can get acquainted with culture and art of Ukraine, having visited the actions planned within the limits of the Month, in more than in 30 cities of the country.

TOKYO, Other cities


September -  November 2006

Month of Japan in Ukraine

Ukrainian people living in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine can learn more about the Country of a rising sun, having visited about 40 events devoted to Japanese culture.



September, 8  2006

"The Japanese about  Japanese culture"

Lecture on the Japanese culture, presentation of Japanese kimono, Japanese dances, art of Rakugo, etc.

 14.00 –16.00 Kiev National University named after T. Shevchenko


July, 7 - 31 2006

Ryuseki Morimoto Art of Hieroglyphs

Exhibition of Works of the Japanese Calligraphy World Famous Master

 Da Vinci Art Gallery (Kiev)


July, 8  2006

9 years of "Crystal Power"

Celebrating of 9 anniversary of Ukrainian Fan Club of Anime and Manga "Crystal Power"

 Ukrainian Cinema House (Kiev)


Jun, 2006

Ukraine tasting by Motohiro Ono

Head of the Japan-Ukraine Cultural Relations Society, Motohiro Ono, recently published a book on his yearlong stay in this Slav country, which is largely unfamiliar to people in Japan.

 Dniepr Publishing (Osaka)


April, 23 - Jun, 30 2006

Modern Japanese Calligraphy Art

Ryuseki Morimoto Exhibition in Kiev

 The Ukrainian institute of scientific and technical and economic information (UkrISTEI)


March, 23 - April, 19 2006

Festival "History of Anime"


Kiev, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzha, Harkiv, Odessa, Donetsk


February 2006

The Early Bird of Ukrainian Japanology

Kiev Publishing house A+C published  scientific research «Universe in the mirror of Japanese: verbal characters of culture of Japan». The professor of the Kiev National University of the name of Taras Shevchenko Georgiy Mosenkis and graduating student of KNU graduate school  Nickolay Yakimenko is the authors of the book.

Publishing house A+C


February, 26 2006

Keiko Matsui in Kiev

One of the finest contemporary jazz keyboardists in the world visiting capital of Ukraine with amazing piano concert.

19:00 -  October Palace


February, 7 2006

Activity of National Association of Ukrainian-Japanese Societies Launched in Japan

The National Association of Japan-Ukraine Societies Launched in Tokyo. Deputies of parliament, businessmen, scientists  and cultural workers of Japan have taken part in the opening ceremony. 

Information of UKRINFORM Ukrainian News Agency


January, 5-11  2006

Japanese Culture Week in Kiev

Japanese movies. The Musicale. Lecture of Japanese culture. "Shogakukan" Books Exhibition. Art-performance.

Kyiv Mohyla Academy


November, 29 - December, 2  2005

Modern Japanese Art in Kiev

AU Group - Shozo Shimamoto and his friends:  "Binnage" and "Nyotaku" Techniques Pain-Art Performance. Hidemi Shimamoto Concert (soprano)

Pain-Art Performance:  November, 30 Action Club RING and December, 1:  Club VERTIKAL.  Pictures exhibition:  November, 28 - December, 2 Action Club RING. Hidemi Shimamoto Concert:  December, 2: The Kiev House of Scientists


November, 23  2005


"Manga Day" in The International Kyiv Drawn Stories Festival «The 9th World»

"Steamboy" the most expensive Japanes Anime movie (2005). Lecture "Manga in a modern life of Japan". Discussion "Manga and its influence on European Drawn Stories and comics". Crystal Power represents: Performance, Performances of actors and cosplayers, Video Clips Demonstration. The art-class: "Learn to draw anime characters for 3 minutes!". Competitions.

The Kiev Planetarium


November, 18-19  2005

Rakugo Masters in Kiev

Rakugo - a Japanese Comic Monodrama Art

November 18:  Kiev National University named after T. Shevchenko.  November 19 :  The House of Scientists


November, 7  2005

"Modern Ukrainian Novels" in Japanese

In the Tokyo bookshops have started to sell  a Japanese translation of the collection of the modern Ukrainian short story, prepared for printing by "Gunzosha" publishing house.

 GUNZOSHA Publishing Co. (Tokyo)


October, 12  2005

Soccer: Ukraine - Japan 1:0

International Friendly Soccer Tournament between Japan and Ukraine National Teams

National Sports Complex "Olympiyskiy"


October, 9-10  2005

Japanese Culture: Traditions & Modern Life

Scientific Conference

Khanenko Art Museum


October, 7-8  2005

Magic Guitar of Moriyoshi Kuwata

Japanese Musician in Kiev

October 7:  Kiev National University named after T. Shevchenko. October 8:  Restaurant Tokyo


October, 1-8  2005

Words & Hieroglyphs

Japanese Calligraphy Exhibition in Kiev

Restaurant Tokyo Gallery


July, 22   2005

Fairy from your child dreams...

Charming acco. Piano Concert in Kiev

Restaurant Lipsky Osobnyak


September   2004

"Penguin Melancholy"

The book of most popular in the World modern Ukrainian writer Andrey Kurkov is published in Japanese

 SHINKOSHA Publishing Co. (Tokyo)



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