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Apocalyptic Chernobyl

Apocalyptic Chernobyl Month of Ukraine in Japan Month of Japan in Ukraine Ukraine tasting by Motohiro Ono Acco in Kiev


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Jun Nakasuji

Revelations of Chernobyl

Exhibition of works of the known Japanese cameraman shooting in the Zone of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

23 years have passed since the nuclear incident at Chernobyl in April 1986. Since then, society has undergone reforms and the Soviet Union has collapsed. Jun Nakasuji Exhibition "Revelations of Chernobyl" is a journalistic record of a visit to the area around the site of the incident.

This unique photo-exhibition will pass in 6 big cities of Japan:

Tokyo - Canon Gallery Ginza    - April, 16-22
Osaka - Canon Gallery Umeda  - May, 14-20
Nagoya - Canon Gallery Nagoya  - May, 28 - June, 10
Fukuoka - Canon Gallery Fukuoka - June, 22 - July, 3
Sendai - Canon Gallery Sendai   - July, 13-24
Sapporo - Canon Gallery Sapporo -  August, 3-14

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