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Acco in Kiev

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Fairy from your child dreams...


The only one concert in Kiev



22 July 2005



Restaurant «Lipsky Osobnyak»

Kyiv, Lipskaya str., 15


ALBUM "acco": (CD) has out in Japan this year and includes eleven musical compositions of the young pianist and the composer: "Star child", "The Forgotten Memories", "Opposite to a Skyscraper", "The Desert Fish", "Run-Run", "In the Cradle of Crusader", "B-flat", "Distance", "The Presentiment of a Wind ", "Have a Fun", "Wood".

STYLE: "My author's style in musical creativity is something, that stay absolutely near to 1) Classics, 2) Jazz and 3) "Popular Music", but is not neither that, nor another, and not "a mix" of these musical directions... It is something, that is not at tops of the triangle, but it is on crossing of medians of all of its three corners... "


The concert organized by:

Japan - Ukraine Cultural Relations Society

(with the personal assistance of Mr. Motohiro Ono)



* * *


In the morning at 8:40 on Kiev time on July, 22-nd 2005 Ukraine and other countries of the Europe  where M1 musical channel  is broadcast saw Acco on the air of a popular morning telecast "Guten morgen".

After the air. From left to right:

Alex Tanasienko, Karolina, Acco, Motohiro Ono



* * *



30 min before...




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