"Japanese News" in a Cultural Space of Ukraine.

And "Ukrainian News" in a Cultural Space of Japan.


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This Web Site - "Japanese Page" we have opened on the Ukrainian Internet. We are the team of "Dreams Come True Foundation" working in Kiev since 2000.

Table of contents of the main page:

Why this Web site has been created

Having dived into the Ukrainian Internet, we had understood, that it is a place is not too rich in the resources related to Japan. So we had decided to create the "Page" about Japan to fill the important missing part in the Internet-space of Ukraine.

We hope, that it will serve the purpose of greater strengthening of information exchange between people of our countries and will help people to learn more about Japan that having filled the shortage the information on this country which many are interested in Ukraine.

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What you can find on our Web site

Irrespective of who are you and what exactly you interests in Japan, you can find here a lot of the interesting information which, we hope, will be useful for you. We believe this Web site can satisfy interests of the most different categories of visitors. We hope it will be an informational gate to Japan for businessmen and other professionals engaged with Japan, and of course to people studying the various parties of a life of Japan or having various hobbies related to Japan.

For people searching for the information on Japan in a web, we have specially created section "Links", distributed them on different subjects. In the section there are many references to the Web sites, entirely related to Japan, Web sites of east subjects, with section "Japan", sites of associations of English speaking people living in Japan, personal English-speaking author's sites, the sites thematically related to Japan, Web sites about traditional Culture and Art of Japan, Internet-catalogues about Japan, encyclopedic and bibliographic directories about Japan, Forums about Japan, search engines systems, Free mailing, related to Japan, News resources connected with Japan and other. In the Web site you can find a lot of links of a thematic sections such as: "The Japanese Ukraine", "Business Cooperation with Japan", "Hobby-Japan", "Travel to Japan", "Found in the Web" etc.

As the Japanese proverb says: "The Way of Ten Thousand Miles Begins with a First Step". We hope, that for some of you "Japanese Page" becomes that first step which will allow you to begin the incredible travel to the surprising and wonderful World of the Land of the Rising Sun.

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Additional opportunities for visitors of English and Japanese versions of the site

We hope "Japanese Page" will be interesting and useful as well for Japanese-speaking visitors from Japan  and, probably, for visitors from other countries which know English. For this reason to Russian and Ukrainian versions of the web site the English and the Japanese versions have been added.

All lingual versions (including Russian, Ukrainian, English and Japanese) differ that feature, that links to Internet resources which are contained in the text of the pages of the lingual version and in special sections "Links" of the version are pointed to resources in the same language, as language of the version. So, for example, the links containing in the Russian version of "Japanese Page" points only to Japanese-related Russian-speaking Internet resources, in Ukrainian one - to Japanese-related Ukrainian-speaking Internet resources, in English one - to English-speaking resources, and the Japanese version of the site contains links pointed mainly to Japanese-speaking resources in the Internet. Therefore if you, for example, would like to find any Japanese-speaking sites interesting you about Japan or the information on the Japanese subjects in the web in Japanese, it is necessary to visit the Japanese version of "Japanese Page".

Visitors of the Japanese version besides can learn the materials about Ukraine in the Japanese language (including with news and events of Ukraine, opportunities of business cooperation with the Ukrainian partners, culture and sights of the country, etc.) which are placed only in the Japanese version of the site.

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In case of need you can contact us. You see our contacts below. You can write to us the letter on our e-mail address, or by a feedback form on the Web site. The feedback form is here. Besides in the end of some pages located in thematic sections of our site, you can find thematic feedback forms intended for people interests the information given section . In case you wish to communicate  with all visitors of the Web site, welcome to our guest book available in Russian, Ukrainian, English and Japanese languages.

+38 (067) 504-5072
The Post Address
P.O.Box 26, Kyiv-166, 04116, Ukraine
Concerning cooperation:

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The used materials

On the Web site we have accumulated many materials founded in the web. References to sources used for preparation of some pages had been specified directly in the text of the page or in "Useful Links" below the text consisting the information been used. "Japanese Page" bears no responsibility for information derived from links to remote sources.

The author's materials given to "Japanese Page" for the publication by the authors, are designated by a mention of a name of the author of article. We ask to consider, that in case of the publication of author's materials on the pages of the site, the opinions expressed in articles belong to their authors, and "Japanese Page" bears no responsibility for them.

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