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We have begun the on-line Japanese visitors poll on the occasion of President Yushchenko visit to Japan!

19.07.2005 -- As you, possibly, known, dear readers, the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko  visit to Japan on July 20 - 23, 2005. "Japanese Page" has decided to be not standing aside of this important event beginning the on-line Japanese visitors poll by Internet to provide the possibility for citizens of Japan to ask a question  directly to Ukrainian President during this Internet action.

Pending visit to Japan President of Ukraine Viktor Andriyovich Yuschenko the public attention of the Land of a rising sun is chained to the country which leader is going to visit Japan. People with much greater interest and activity investigate the Internet searching the actual and fact-finding information on Ukraine and its leader which visit is expected in Japan.

As we  had been created pioneer Japanese language web site in Ukraine, we one of the first have caught sight of this activity of our Japanese visitors having no place to search for the information about Ukraine and its President in Japanese. It is a myth that  it is possible to find all on the Japanese Internet. The Japanese sites where it is possible to read a little bit about our President in Japanese you can count on fingers of one hand! All of us (we mean the team of "Japanese Page", of course)  knows all of them and we recommend them to Japanese visitors who address to us for informational help. As to Japanese web sites about Ukraine it is a little bit more, but, we dare to assure you, dear visitors, that two your hands, undoubtedly, should suffice to count all of them.

In this situation the Japanese users of the Internet visiting our web site searching the information of their interest. As we have understood, the source of this informal "Free public activity" which we have found out owing to visitors of the Japanese part of our site,  being in the personal activity to learn more, than it is possible to gather from the Japanese mass-media and from the Internet. They show independent interest to forthcoming visit of the leader of the country which became known all over the world and in Japan too, as a "Cradle of Orange Revolution".

No doubt that a  huge interest attracted the people is the person of leader of the country making the visit, we mean the person of the President of Ukraine - the New Ukraine, which it became in the world community today. So we have decided to take advantage of this interest of Japanese to the person of our President and to give an opportunity to any of our Japanese visitors to ask a question personally to president Yushchenko. The informational action "Yes, Yushchenko! Ask a question to the president of Ukraine!", by the "Dreams Come True Foundation" - the Ukrainian charitable organization which works in Kiev, is carried out owing to the special page of on-line Japanese visitors poll created by us in the Web on the occasion of President Yushchenko visit to Japan. The page with the feedback form is already being in the "Japanese Page" - the first Japanese language web site of Ukraine which has been created by "Dreams Come True Foundation". Anybody of people of the Land of rising sun can ask a question for President of Ukraine filling it in the Japanese language on-line feedback form in the web site. The questions automatically collected  by this form then transferring to the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine.

This information action has already begun and the page of on-line Japanese visitors poll on the occasion of President Yushchenko visit to Japan already had been accepting visitors. As on July, 19th we already have got the six first questions, addressed to the President from our correspondents  from Japan, and also have got the first record in the guest book on Japanese Page, devoted to visit of President Jushchenko to Japan.

The Foundation plans to reward a prize which we shall present the Japanese author of the most interesting question has been asking to the President of Ukraine during the Action. We believe, that it will occur after the termination of the Action which will be prolonged till July, 31st.

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