"Japanese News" in a Cultural Space of Ukraine.

And "Ukrainian News" in a Cultural Space of Japan.


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We have begun the publication of author's materials

21.06.2005 -- "Japanese Page" has begun the publication of author's works on the site. "The First Step" became the paper by Irene Demisheva from Donetsk City, narrating about results of the sociological research among students of Donetsk National University. The research of perception of images of Japan by Ukrainian students was conducted within the master's degree paper «Japan and Japanese people in political consciousness of population of Ukraine and Russia» is based on results of questioning 510 person made by the author in the spring of this year.

Everyone who interests what the Ukrainian students see Japan, can read this here.

We will publish on the site the interesting materials sent by our readers  and  waiting for it from you! If you would like to see your work or the message on our site, please send the materials for  publication to our electronic address

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